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How to Remove Scratches from Your Car Permanently

Every car owner has to go through the painful experience of seeing scratches on his/her car paint. Clear coat scratches are very common. A scratch occurs whenever something rubs against your car, such as your wristwatch or any metal item you’re trying to put inside. In simple words, it is almost impossible to avoid getting light scratches on your car.

There are tons of other ways through which scratches can appear on your car. In this article, instead of telling you how to avoid getting scratches on your car, we will tell you four easy steps through which you can remove scratches from your car for good:

Step 1: Clean the Scratch

The first step in car scratch repair process is cleaning the scratch. For this, you’ll need soapy water and a towel. Wet the scratched area and clean it properly with a towel. You can even use other types of dusters, but make sure to use clean microfiber cloths to wipe and dry the surface.

Step 2: Sand the Scratch

Use a 3000 grit sandpaper first and then a 5000 grit sandpaper to remove scratches from your car. After you’ve cleaned the scratch, use the 3000 grit sandpaper, and start sanding perpendicular to the scratch. A great hack when sanding is to wrap your sandpaper around a kitchen sponge. In this way, uneven pressure is prevented when moving the sandpaper on the scratch since the pressure is evenly distributed. Your sanding result will be a lot better this way.

This is the main step to remove the scratch from your car paint. Use the 3000 grit sandpaper first, and then the 5000 grit sandpaper. Wet the area and the sandpaper, and keep on sanding until the scratch is gone completely. Once you see that the scratch is no more, use the 5000 grit sandpaper, wet the area and the sandpaper again, and sand it in a circular motion for another 1-2 minutes (or until the scratch vanishes completely).

Step 3: Polish the Scratch

To polish the scratch always use a high-quality car polish. Before applying polish, make sure that you clean the area so that the surface is free from dirt and other types of grits. Use a fresh, new, unused microfiber towel and put some polish on it. Apply it on the area with medium to heavy pressure. Make sure that you spread the polish evenly or else the paint will not look clean. If the area is still hazy, apply another coat of polish. Move the towel in circles so that there are no prints left. Now, use the other clean side of the towel and lightly buff the area to remove any excess polish.

Step 4: Apply Paste Wax

One of the best things for car scratches is car wax. Car wax acts as a scratch remover and removes light scratches on a car as well as deep ones. Paste wax works better than liquid wax in certain situations. Use a decent amount of wax and apply it in a circular motion on the newly polished area. Make sure that you do not apply a lot of pressure or else you could end up ruining the look of your car. The wax fills in any microscopic scratches and also helps protect your clear coat. Leave the wax on for a minute and then clean the surface with a clean towel.

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