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How to Get Your Degree and Transcripts Verified from University Of Karachi

Once you’re done with your degree program, verification of degree and transcripts can be of paramount importance especially if you’re applying for a master’s program in a foreign university, or looking for an employment opportunity abroad. However, the degree verification process in Pakistan is not as simple as it sounds. Therefore, we’ve put together a few steps to help you understand the process of degree and transcripts verification at the University of Karachi (UoK).

Documents Required for Verification:

  • Photocopies of degree and transcripts.
  • Photocopy of enrollment or registration card.
  • Complete name and address of the university who requested verification of your degree and transcripts (required only if you need verified copies in the university’s sealed envelope).
  • Pay order or banker’s cheque of prescribed fee in the name of “University of Karachi.”
  • Bank challan for verification.

Step By Step Process To Get Degree and Transcripts Verified from University of Karachi:

  1. Visit the University of Karachi between 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM – First of all, visit the verification counter located at Silver Jubilee Gate of the university and inquire about the documents required and official degree & transcripts verification fee.
  2. Get pay order of prescribed verification fee from any bank in the name of “University of Karachi” – Pay order can also be obtained from banks that are located inside the institution. The university charges PKR 300 per copy as a verification fee.
  3. Fill the challan for verification of transcripts and degree – There are few bank counters at Silver Jubilee Gate of UoK. At those counters, you can ask the employees to provide you a free of cost bank challan for verification of transcripts and degree. Fill in all the information in the challan and attach copies of all the documents and original pay order.
  4. Submission – You are now required to head to the verification counter, where a concerned person will stamp and sign a bank challan after checking all the required documents. You are then required to submit the stamped challan along with other required documents and pay order at the same counter of the bank from where you got the challan.
  5. Completion – The whole process could take approximately 2-3 weeks. After successfully submitting your application, you can collect the verified copies from the same counter by showing your submission receipt.

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