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How to Have a Court Marriage in Pakistan

Court Marriage in Pakistan

The constitution of Pakistan has given the liberty to both men and women to choose the person they wish to marry. If due to any reason including the disagreement with parents, two people are unable to get married to each other, they can opt for court marriage in Pakistan. Court marriage is an official union between a man and a woman in front of a Magistrate or Registrar.

It is pertained to mention here that the term “Court Marriage” does not occur in any Act, Ordinance, Rule or Schedule that are part of the Pakistani law and therefore court marriages must take place with the help of a lawyer and recognized in the court of law. In this case, the Nikhanama or Marriage Contract is not issued by the court but is given by the Registrar of an area.

Court marriage in Pakistan may seem like a bold step but the struggle doesn’t end there. Those who opt for court marriage in the country may be subject to stigma and societal pressure. But the state gives individuals who tie the knot through court, the complete right to safety and protection.

Things to Consider for Court Marriage in Pakistan

The couple who wishes for court marriage in Pakistan must meet the following requirements.

  • Individuals must be at least 18 years old.
  • There must be two witnesses at the time of marriage.
  • Same-sex marriage or homosexual marriage is forbidden by the law and is a punishable offense in the country.

Documents Required

  • Both individuals must have their Valid CNIC or Passport. In case they don’t, they must show their Educational Certificate or ‘Form B’.
  • 4 passport-sized photos of both individuals.
  • Free will affidavit by the girl.
  • If the woman is opting for a second marriage, then she must have a Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate of the deceased husband.
  • If it is the man’s second marriage, then he must have permission from his first wife.

The Procedure

If the couple has all the required documents and meets the conditions for court marriage in Pakistan, then they must contact a law firm of their choice to arrange a lawyer that can assist them. A lawyer can take care of the paperwork and matters like the couple’s safety and Maher or Dowrey. Afterward, they will have to present their statements in the court in front of the Magistrate.

Documents that the Couple Would Receive after Court Marriage include the following.

  • Copy of their marriage certificate. (Attested)
  • A copy of the petition. (Attested)
  • Affidavit copy. (Attested)
  • Copy of statement before the court. (Attested)
  • A copy of the court’s order to ensure the legal safety of the couple. (Attested)

Fees of Court Marriage in Pakistan

The fees of court marriage in Pakistan may vary from city to city and from lawyer to lawyer.

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