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3 Ways to Access Another Computer from Your Computer

Need a document from your own laptop while you’re at work? Saved your report on your home desktop a night before submission and forgot to carry it to college? If you’ve been in a situation like this or a similar one, you might’ve wanted to access your computer right there and then. This article will give you all the necessary insights into accessing another computer from your computer.

Ways to Connect Computers

A few configuration settings in place, and you’ll be able to remotely access your computer anywhere, anytime. Here are three easy ways with the help of which you can access another computer from your computer:

Connect with Windows Remote Desktops

To establish a remote desktop connection, enable remote access to the PC that you need to access. This will allow other computers to find your computer and connect with it. For doing so, open ‘System and Security’ in the Control Panel, then click ‘remote settings’, and check the ‘allow remote connections to this computer’ option.

After checking this box, you need to add computers, by clicking on ‘select users’. Mention the name of the computer you’re allowing access to. You can find the computer name by Windows key + Pause.

Always remember that you cannot connect to a system that is logged in sleep mode. When you turn on remote access, make sure you change these system settings. To do that, search for power and sleep options in your control panel. If you’re using Windows 10 for remote desktop connection, you can search for these settings easily through Cortana. Make sure that you change sleep and screen turn off settings to ‘never’.

After you’ve changed all these settings, type ‘remote desktop connection’ in your start menu’s search bar or Cortana, in case you’re using Windows 10. You can either type the name of the computer that you had added initially, or its I.P address, and click ‘connect’. You can now browse normally as you do on your own computer.

 Connect with Extensions

There are a number of remote desktop extensions through which you can access another computer remotely. However, one of the most trusted extensions is Google Chrome remote desktop extension. In order to get this extension, you have to first install the remote desktop chrome extension on your PC. This extension can easily be found on the Google Chrome web store. Make sure that you install this extension on your computer as well as on the computer that you need access to.

Open the extension on the computer that you need access to, sign in with your Google account and click ‘enable remote connections’. For security purposes, create a Pin. This will be required whenever you start a connection so that your computer is protected and your Google account security isn’t compromised.

Once your pin is created, the chrome remote desktop extension will be installed. Make sure that your computer’s sleep settings are set to ‘never’ as the remote connection will not be establishing if the computer is in sleep mode.

For establishing a connection between the two computers, open the Chrome Remote Desktop App, click ‘get started’ and select the computer you want to connect to. Enter the pin when prompted, and your session will begin. You’ll be able to access the computer display through Google Chrome browser.

Connect with Software

One of the most trusted software for establishing remote access is TeamViewer. Download this free remote access software as a first step to build remote connection on both the computers. After installation, click on Advanced options for a couple of things. First, select the ‘personal/non-commercial use’ option, secondly, make sure to check the ‘full access’ option.

After installation is complete, ‘unattended access’ wizard will begin. Follow the wizard, and give your computer a name and a set up a strong password.

Next, create a TeamViewer account.

Select ‘close to tray menu’ in the general advanced settings in order to keep this remote connection software running in the background to keep the connection. You will lose connection if this option is not checked.

Once TeamViewer is downloaded and configured on both systems, you can connect with this windows remote software, using the ID that you’ve created.

Connect your systems remotely using any of these three easy ways and access your documents anywhere, anytime you want.

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